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Sandys Spring

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Spring Characteristics

Qualities of this spring
Spring NameSandys Spring
Alternate NameNot Available
General Location6 miles southeast of Leesburg on the north side of Yalaha
Section, Twsp, RangeNE NW SE Sec. 16, T 20 S, R 25 E
MagnitudeNot Available
Multiple VentsYes
Age of Water Not Available
Source AquiferFloridan Aquifer
Public or PrivatePrivate


Sandys Springs is in a residential area on the southern shore of Lake Harris, 6 miles southeast of Leesburg on the north side of Yalaha. The run can be seen trickling into Lake Harris after flowing under Lakeshore Drive.

The spring is located on private property and permission must be obtained from the landowner prior to visiting the spring.


Sandys Spring pool is oval-shaped measuring 18 feet long, 7 feet wide and 4 feet deep. The pool has a mud bottom with tree debris and other detritus. The cloudy water is tinted greenish-brown. The ground slopes down 2 feet to meet the surface of the spring pool. A grassy area surrounds the spring pool. A private residence lies 50 feet to the north of the spring pool and private property surrounds the spring and run.

Sandys Spring is in a residential area on the southern shore of Lake Harris, in a semitropical setting of live oaks, palms, ferns, and cypress trees.

The spring run is 2 feet deep, 3 feet wide, and approximately 150 feet long. The run, which is 1 feet deep, has a bottom similar to that of the spring pool. It flows in a northwestern direction, meanders to the northeast, flows under Lakeshore Drive, and empties into Lake Harris. The run is bordered by ferns and banana, palm, and cypress trees.

The spring was reported by the Lake County Water Authority in 1997 to be a flowing well. At that time, a 55- gallon drum with an 8-inch pipe in the bottom of the drum was set into the sand bottom and water flowed out of the drum. When re-visited in May 2002, the drum and pipe had been removed. No boil on the water surface or sand boils on the bottom were observed.

The name has been reported as Sandy’s Spring but the owner stated that there is not an apostrophe in the name.


The spring is unused, on private land and is not open to the public. The water flows into Lake Harris.

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