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Blue Spring

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Spring Characteristics

Qualities of this spring
Spring NameBlue Spring
Alternate NameYalaha Spring, Lake Blue Spring
General Location1 mile NW of Yalaha
Section, Twsp, RangeNW SW NE Sec. 17, T. 20 S., R. 25 E.
Multiple VentsYes
Age of Water 99 years
Source AquiferFloridan Aquifer
Public or PrivatePrivate


Blue Springs is about 1 mile northwest of Yalaha and about 150 feet south of the shore of Lake Harris.

The spring is located on private property and permission must be obtained from the landowner prior to visiting the spring.

* There are a number of springs in Florida named “Blue Spring(s)” including a first magnitude Blue Spring just across the St. Johns River from Lake County in Volusia County. The agreed upon naming convention is to add the County name, hence the name Lake Blue Spring. This spring is known locally as either Blue Spring or Yalaha Spring.


Blue Springs is on the southeast shore of Lake Harris in a semi wooded, grassed residential area with beautiful live oak, palm, and cypress trees. The pool has a sand bottom with four recognizable points of spring inflow; it is enclosed by a concrete retaining wall that forms a reverse L-shaped swimming pool. The pool measures about 60 feet northwest and about 50 feet southwest from the outside corner of the “L” and had an estimated range in depth of 3–7 feet. The principal point of inflow is from a 16-inch-diameter culvert that projects from under the concrete wall at the inside bend of the “L.” Another point of major inflow is at the southeast corner of the pool where a mild boil is evident at the water surface. There are two other clusters of small sand boils in the pool bottom.

The pool discharges over a weir in the retaining wall on the northeast side of the pool, then into a run about 35 feet wide that flows southeast parallel to the lakeshore. About 100 feet below the pool, several sand boils in the bottom of the run apparently contribute significant flow. This portion of the spring run forms a lagoon 300 feet long and is parallel to the shore of Lake Harris approximately 150 feet south of the lake.

The run then drains from the southeast end of this lagoon through a 125-foot long, 30-inch-wide culvert. It then continues southeast and parallel to the lake through a shallow boat canal before turning north and flowing into the lake. When visited in June 2008 this portion of the run was very shallow.


Blue Spring is used as a swimming and recreational facility for local residents.

Contact Information

This spring is on private land, and permission must be obtained from the homeowner’s association before visiting the spring.

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