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Bugg Spring

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Spring Characteristics

Qualities of this spring
Spring NameBugg Spring
Alternate NameNot Available
General Location0.4 miles northwest of Okahumpka
Section, Twsp, RangeSE NW NW Sec. 15, T. 20 S., R. 24 E
Multiple VentsNo
Age of Water <50 years
Source AquiferFloridan Aquifer
Public or PrivatePrivate


Bugg Spring is located 0.4 miles northwest of Okahumpka.

It is located on private property and permission must be obtained from the landowner prior to visiting the spring.


Bugg Spring is a 2nd magnitude spring with a deep, circular pool. There is no boil observed on the pool surface due to the depth of the spring opening. A large U.S. Navy platform supporting a laboratory for field instrument calibration is floating in the middle of the spring with a walkway attached to the northeast shore.

It forms a circular pool about 400 feet in diameter, and its maximum sounded depth in March 1943 was 176 feet (Ferguson et al. 1947). The bottom of the pool slopes gradually from the pool banks to the rim of an elliptical cavity at a depth of 55 feet, as measured in 1943. The cavity is about 200 feet long, east-west, and about 100 feet wide at its rim. Except on its west end, the side walls of the cavity are almost vertical to a depth of about 165 feet below the March 1943 water surface (Ferguson et al. 1947). The west end has a more gradual decline. The point of maximum depth is near the center of the cavity. At a depth of 175 feet below the March 1973 water surface (Rosenau et al. 1977), the diameter of the cavity is about 50 feet. Soundings made in 1970 showed the bottom of the pool had changed little since 1943. Soundings made in the 1990s indicate that the bottom is about 6 feet shallower than in 1945 (Figure 2; J.M. Branham, landowner, personal communication).

There is very little aquatic vegetation, but algae is present in the spring pool and run. The bottom of the cavity has been described as soft, as though covered with a sludge deposit. The bottom of the run just downstream from the pool is covered with a very soft layer of algae in which one may easily sink waist deep. The water in the pool is commonly somewhat murky or turbid in appearance. In March 1943, visibility from the surface down was reportedly about 40 feet.

The spring run flows north about 0.8 miles into the Helena Run outflow from Lake Denham. The low-lying areas around the spring are densely forested, with sandhills to the south.

The City of Leesburg wastewater sprayfield is located within the springshed of Bugg Spring is. The closest portion of the sprayfield is 0.5 mile southwest of the spring.


Bugg Spring is leased to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory for underwater sound reference work. The spring is on private property. The water flows into Helena Run and then to Lake Harris.

Contact Information

The spring is located on private property and permission must be obtained from the landowner prior to visiting the spring.