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Palm Springs

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Spring Characteristics

Qualities of this spring
Spring NamePalm Springs
Alternate NameNot Available
General Location3.8 miles south-southeast of Cassia
Section, Twsp, RangeNE NW NE Sec. 18, T 19 S, R 29 E
MagnitudeNot Available
Multiple VentsYes
Age of Water 70-90 years
Source AquiferFloridan Aquifer
Public or PrivatePublic


Palm Springs is located in the Seminole State Forest about 3.8 miles south-southeast of Cassia in the Seminole State Forest.


Palm Springs is a 4th magnitude spring flowing from up to 7 vents or sand boils in the run. Palm Springs has no spring pool; it is composed of sand boils that flow from different points into one run. The run has a sand bottom covered in a thin layer of dark brown mud and various colored algae. Water is clear and there is white sulfur-reducing bacteria surrounding the entire area. The spring has a strong hydrogen sulfide odor.

The upper 4 vents are labeled A, B, C, and D. The upper vent A is in a small pool that is closest to the road at the bottom of the ravine. Vent B is in the upper middle part of the run, vent C is in the lower middle part, and vent D is in the lower part of the run. These multiple boils form a run that is 4.5 feet wide, 0.3 feet deep, and flows east for 0.3 miles into Blackwater Creek.

For decades this spring was dammed into a lake; however in April 2003 the dam was removed and the once-submerged terrain was exposed. As the ecology in the area changes, new grass and shrubs are growing in areas that were once underwater. The surrounding land is a dense forest filled with an array of trees, including sweet gums and palms. High ground rises 6 feet above the spring.


The spring is undeveloped. The water flows into Blackwater Creek.

Contact Information

This spring is located on public property in the Seminole State Forest.

Seminole State Forest
Joe Bishop, State Forester
Leesburg Forestry Station
9610 County Road 44
Leesburg, Florida 34788
(352) 360-6675 or (352) 360-6677

Historic Information

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