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Camp La No Che Spring

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Spring Characteristics

Qualities of this spring
Spring NameCamp La No Che Spring
Alternate NameNot Available
General Location7 miles east of Altoona and 2 miles south of Paisley
Section, Twsp, RangeNW NW SW Sec. 5, T. 18 S, R. 28 E
Multiple VentsNo
Age of Water Not Available
Source AquiferFloridan Aquifer
Public or PrivatePrivate


This spring is about 7 miles east of Altoona and 2 miles south of Paisley.

The spring is located on private property and permission must be obtained from the landowner prior to visiting the spring.


Camp La No Che Spring is a 4th magnitude spring that discharges from a small cavern in the limestone on the east side of a semicircular pool about 25 feet in diameter. The only evident modifications of the site included the remnants of a log and wood retaining wall 1 or 2 feet high along the north edge of the pool. Three or four low-cut, rotting tree stumps remain in the pool, near the spring orifice (Rosenau et al. 1977).

It is in a semitropical forest setting at the base of a wooded, gently sloping hillside that rises northward. Discharge is from one submerged horizontal cavern opening about 4 feet from the east edge of the pool. The top of the opening was about 2 feet below the water surface when the site was visited March 29, 1972. The mouth of the opening is about 3 feet wide and 1 foot high. It narrows inward and eastward about 2 feet to a throat with a cross-sectional area of about 1 foot square through which practically all of the flow of the spring appears to emanate.

Most of the pool was only 1 or 2 feet deep; the depth was greatest at the spring orifice, 3.3 feet below water surface. A gentle roll, or boil, was evident at the pool surface above the orifice on the day visited; reportedly, the boil is at times vigorous. Algal growth was on the pool bottom, and a whitish-green deposit was common on the surfaces of bottom vegetation near the spring orifice. The water had a hydrogen sulfide odor. Water from this pool flows in a run about 25 feet wide and 1 foot deep to Lake Norris, 200 feet south.

This run is joined about 30 feet from the main spring by the run from a smaller spring. This smaller second vent is about 85 feet away and has a pool about 4 feet in diameter. The second vent is a foot deep with a mild boil or slick on the surface.


The spring is unused and on private property. The remnant retaining wall/dock was built in the 1940s when the area around the spring was used for hunting and the spring was used as a swimming hole/pool. The spring is located in the Camp La-No-Che portion of the Leonard and Marjorie Williams Family Scout Reservation which includes camp areas, pavilions, bathrooms, trails, a firing range, an office, and other facilities.

Contact Information

Permission to visit must be obtained from the camp office.

Camp La-No-Che / Leonard and Marjorie Williams Family Scout Reservations
P.O. Box 323
Paisley, FL 32767

Historic Information

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