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Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change: Anticipating Surprises2013doc_html0National Academy of Sciences1022268This report summarizes the current state of knowledge on potential abrupt changes to the ocean, atmosphere, ecosystems, and high latitude areas due to climate change, and identifies key research and monitoring needs. The report calls for action to develop an abrupt change early warning system to help anticipate future abrupt changes and reduce their impacts.
Access the FNAI website to view a Florida Conservation Land interactive mapmap7084The Florida Natural Areas Inventory is the primary source for information on Florida's conservation lands. The Inventory database includes boundaries and statistics for more than 1,900 federal, state, local, and private managed areas, all provided directly by the managing agencies. National parks, state forests, wildlife management areas, local and private preserves are examples of the managed areas included.
American Society of MicrobiologyorgAmerican Society of Microbiology1010927In its journal, "Applied and Environmental Microbiology," is published a substantial share of the most significant current research in the areas of biotechnology, microbial ecology, food microbiology, & industrial microbiology.
An assessment of landscape characteristics affecting estuarine nitrogen loading in an urban watershe2011doc_html0Dept. of Geography, Florida State University1022232In this paper a geospatial approach is used to examine the quantitative relationship between landscape characteristics and estuarine nitrogen loading in an urban watershed. The case study site is in Pensacola, where vigorous urban sprawl has prompted concerns about estuarine health. A remote sensor image was used to extract land use/cover information and derive landscape matrics, which are then compared to nitrogen loading data.
Aquifer Storage and Recovery Geochemical Studiesdoc_html0Florida Geological Survey1018492Discussion of the geochemistry of Aquifer Storage and Recover (ASR), a potential solution to drinking water shortages in Florida. During recharge and storage, a potential exists for water-rock geochemical reactions to occur, resulting in soluble metals contaminating the water.
Area Contingency Plandoc_html0Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission1022145The Area Contingency Plan (ACP) was developed to address removal of oil and hazardous substances from waterways. The plan, prepared by an Area Committee, is designed to be implemented in conjunction with the National Contingency Plan (NCP)and is formatted within an Incident Command System (ICS) framework. This page has links to plans for seven sub regions in the southeastern US.
Berms and Swales2004doc_pdf606Brevard County Government1017105Land can be constructed to create a natural holding area for stormwater runoff. This process keeps nutrients and other contaminants from impacting surface waters.berm%20and%20swale.pdf4Lake
Big Creek EcoSummary (at Lake Nellie Road) 19971997doc_pdf281.892578125Florida Department of Environmental Protection1021606Bioassessment report by FDEP on Big Creek, one of only a few streams within the Lake Wales Ridge Ecosystem Management Area (EMA) which lie in FDEP's Central District. One goal of this sampling was to characterize the health of this water body for use by the Lake Wales Ridge EMA working group. This data is also useful in further refining biorecon methodology. Big Creek flows into Lake Louisa, so the information should be of interest to Lake Louisa State Park, as well.111.pdf4Lake
Big Scrub Cooperative Invasive Species Management AreaorgBig Scrub Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area1024158Mission: To establish a cooperative framework for agencies, private landowners and other land managers to address the threats of invasive species in Lake and Marion Counties.
Bird abundance and species richness on Florida lakes: influence of trophic status, lake morphology,1994doc_pdf976.3Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences - University of Florida1018968Data from 46 lakes were used to examine relationships between bird abundance/species richness, lake trophic status, lake morphology & plant abundance. Findings: Lake bird populations generally do not significantly impact lake trophic status; trophic status influences bird abundance/species richness on lakes. Bird abundance/species richness were not correlated to other lake morphology or aquatic macrophyte parameters after the effects of lake area & trophic status were accounted for.HoyerBirdAbund.pdf4Lake