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Waterbody Search

This tool is used to search for and find all water resource (lake, pond, stream etc.) related information currently found on any currently supported Water Atlas. Below you will see a search form and table of results. You may use the search form to limit your search or browse the table to find the waterbody to which you want to navigate.

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  • Photographs for waterbody
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  • Documents pertaining to waterbody
Waterbody Name:
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Word(s) to search for within the Waterbody Name (for example: Carroll).

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List of topics used to limit search (for example: Water Level and Flows: water levels).

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List of Counties or Water Atlas names used to limit search.

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List of waterbody types used to limit search (for example: lake, pond, bay).

Waterbody IDWaterbody NameAlternate Name(s)Waterbody TypeWater AtlasWatershedS-T-RSurface Area
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82038-Ball LakeLakeLakeLake1-22-259FalseTrueTrue50Lake
8274Adain LakeLakeLakeLake34-23-26137FalseFalseTrue50Lake
8204Adams LakeLakeLakeLake31-19-283FalseFalseTrue50Lake
7947Akron, LakeLakeLakeLake21-17-28191FalseTrueTrue50Lake
8531Alexander SpringsSpringLakeSpringTrueTrueTrue50Lake
1100Alexander Springs CreekStreamLakeStreamTrueTrueTrue50Lake
8345Alfred, LakeEichelberger SinkLakeLakeLake18-19-276TrueFalseTrue50Lake
7948Alice, LakeLakeLakeLake16-18-245FalseFalseTrue50Lake
1309860Alligator Lake SwampLakeLakeLake18-24-251080FalseFalseFalse50Lake
8205Amos, LakeLakeLakeLake25-19-2714FalseFalseTrue50Lake
8245Andrew's LakeLake St. JamesLakeLakeLake29-18-2724FalseTrueTrue50Lake
8284Ann LakeLakeLakeLake24-24-2616FalseFalseTrue50Lake
8316Annabelle Reed, LakeLakeLakeLake1-21-254FalseTrueTrue50Lake
1101Apopka Beauclair CanalStreamLakeStream139TrueTrueTrue50Lake
1101Apopka Beauclair CanalStreamOrangeStream139TrueTrueTrue100Orange